Our history

PVC srls was founded by highly specialized technical operators, coming from prestigious companies in the working field and with vast experience in the execution of civil, industrial and mechanical systems. Our birth as a company was influenced by the crisis that hit companies in the sector, but despite this, we bring with us the professionalism acquired in high-level companies.

Our professionals come from respectable companies that, unfortunately, have gone through difficult times. However, we are determined and motivated to make our vast experience available with seriousness and professionalism to meet the needs of our customers. Our main objective is to contribute to the increase in the production workforce made up of highly qualified technicians, offering our staff to companies operating in both the public and private sectors, for the implementation of any type of work intervention.

Our operational presence extends both nationally and abroad, in order to guarantee global support to the needs of international customers. We provide our contribution with qualified welders, holders of the ASMI 9 patent recognition, specialized in every form of welding and already operating in the industrial context. In the civil systems sector, we are able to implement advanced solutions, adopting the latest technologies relating to photovoltaic and heating systems, with innovative systems aimed at energy saving.

Our company has taken care to satisfy all legal obligations relating to the current legislation
safety regulations (DL. 81/08)

Organization chart

Our company structure includes a total of 20 individuals, of which 17 are skilled and general workers, contributing their vast expertise and skills. In addition, we have the invaluable collaboration of 2 employees dedicated to administrative and technical activities, who play a key role in the organization and management of our daily operations. Furthermore, we can count on 1 indirect collaborator, whose contribution is of great importance to our overall success. The unity and diversity of skills present in our team reflect the ongoing commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction that are the basis of our corporate philosophy.

- Qualified welder workers

- General welder workers

- Qualified mechanical workers

- General mechanical workers

- Qualified carpenters

- Specialized pipe workers.

- Assembly workers

Our equipment

- Containers equipped for shipbuilding

- Construction site box for workshop / office use

- Welders: common, automatic, continuous wire, motor-driven welders

- Oxyacetylene equipment

- Manual lifting means: Tirfor 16 q and 32 q, hoists, lifts, 5 – 10 T jacks

- Pallets

- General and small equipment: roller positioners, series of fixed star wrenches, polygonal impact wrenches, portable drills, magnetic base drills, grinders, percussion drills, electric screwdrivers, scaffolding, ladders, electric and manual dies, electric cables and extensions.